Tax Zones

Wilton International

As part of the Teesside Freeport, Wilton International is Britain’s biggest chemical complex, offering low-cost utilities and the UK’s largest private wire network.

A leading process manufacturing cluster

The site is set and ready for energy-intensive industry, with the land and utilities already in place for manufacturers to realise significant savings. This established infrastructure, which includes connection to the national transmission system as well as COMAH status, offers competitive advantages through reduced costs, risks and project timeframes.

Its plug and play nature, combined with readily available space and a skilled workforce, make Wilton International well equipped for reshoring, chemical and biopharmaceutical activity.

Owned and operated by Sembcorp, the site is home to existing businesses including SABIC, Ensus, Alpek Polyester UK, Huntsman, Biffa Polymers, Nippon Gases and Anglo American — who together have invested more than £1.3billion over the past ten years.

Similarly since 2003, Sembcorp has invested nearly £300million transitioning to a low carbon and renewable fuelled combined heat and power asset base. The Singapore-based group is also partnering in the Whitetail Clean Energy project, which is poised to be the UK’s first Net Zero emissions power plant with CCS at Wilton International.


Tax zones offer incentives to businesses such as no stamp duty, full business rates relief for up to ten years and enhanced allowances for construction and machinery investment.


Businesses within customs zones will receive a range of tariff benefits, including duty deferral while the goods remain on-site and suspended import VAT on goods entering the customs zone.